Freshly Squeezed top tips: How to secure sponsorship.

I recently read a report (The IEG Sponsorship Report) which found that global sponsorship spending is set to rise by 4.5% in 2017, so why do event planners continue to find it so hard to secure sponsorship? Unfortunately there’s no quick fix or guaranteed remedy, but here I’ve covered four key areas.

Know your audience, and know them well

I may be stating the obvious, but how can we expect someone to part with their money if you cannot explain exactly, who will be in attendance. Collect as much information as possible to build up a comprehensive profile of your audience. Age, industry and job title is a good start, but go beyond this and include one or two questions on lifestyle and interests.

Data is key

If a company is investing a considerable amount it’s completely understandable that they would want to be sure they see a good return on investment on it. Brand awareness can be difficult to measure, but by gaining a thorough understanding into your sponsors motivations you can ensure you’re reaching their definition of a good return.

Be flexible

The days of gold, silver and bronze packages are behind us. A one size fits all approach will no longer work and companies now expect customised offers that match their objectives. Sell your event concept to a potential sponsor and then work with them to build a package that works for both of you.

Keep it fresh

Innovative and independent events will be more sought after by sponsors, ensure you have dynamic content to set yourself aside. Event sponsorship provides companies with a more subtle way of reaching their target audience through association rather than traditional ads which, consumers see to be trying to sell something.

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