Freshly Squeezed top tips: Purpose built vs unique venue.

The venue spectrum is very wide. On one side we have the purpose built centres with everything provided in house. Somewhere in the middle are the venues which maintain their charm whilst covering basic event needs and on the far side are the completely obscure options. It really does depend on each individual client, but let’s have a look at the pro’s and con’s of each.


The perk of a purpose built venue is exactly that, it’s purpose built. The more unusual the venue, the more obstacles you may need to contend with. Site visits are crucial for this. Go to the venue in advance and draw up your floor plan and walk through how you see it running, that way you avoid any surprise on the day.


With purpose built venues comes the convenience of having almost everything you could need under one roof. The more obscure the venue, the more logistical work you will need to coordinate. I’ve delivered events in the past where the venue had no access to toilets or running water, so when I say you might need to bring in everything…i mean, everything! If you have a pool of recommended suppliers this might not be too much of a chore, but as with the above I would recommend trying to arrange a group site visit ahead of the event to iron out any potential problems.

Wow Factor

At this point you might be thinking why would anyone choose to use a unique venue? Well, event planner always want to deliver a more exciting event than those that have gone before. With expectations increasing so has the need to push boundaries and innovate to give your offering an edge. Holding your event somewhere nobody would expect certainly provides that. It may be a logistical challenge to pull off, but the unfamiliar will be more memorable for guests.


As with most things in event planning, it all comes down to costs. Non-traditional venues provide a blank canvas to work with, this can give planners more flexibility with budget than traditional day delegate rates. The unique nature of these venues generally means dressing and production costs can also be reduced.

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