I think most would agree that 2014 has been a welcome turn around for the events industry. With some exciting statistics emerging  like ‘more corporate events have been staged than any other time in the past 5 years’ we want to look ahead to see which trends will be shaping the world of business events in 2015.

Interaction is key

Business events of all kinds are becoming less about what you learn, and more about how you learn it. There has been a very prominent shift from passive attendance to a demand for a more engaging experience and in 2015 we predict that this will develop even further, with attendees becoming co-creators of their own event experience. As event planners we need to come up with creative ways to enhance the delegate experience and encourage participation.

Digital takeover

Online marketing has made waves this year, and is showing no sign of slowing down. The growth of industry websites, blogs and social media has meant that information and feedback is now more readily available than ever before. In 2015 we predict event companies will need to think outside the box and offer more bespoke solutions to sourcing and booking events. The key words will be ease and engagement; using these platforms to speak to customers and then offering a simple and effective solution to their requirements.

Exhibition showdown

Trade shows for all industries have continued to develop in both size and quantity this year and with this set to continue there has never been a better time for businesses to up their game to make sure they’re getting noticed. If done right, exhibitions are a great way to meet your target audience face to face and in 2015 it’s going to be all about ditching the ‘goodie bags’ and bowls of sweets and more about building a rapport with potential customers.

Quality networking

Studies have found that ‘The Quality of Networking’ is and will continue to be the biggest factor that encourages delegates to attend events. As event organisers it’s our role to bring together attendees so they can interact and generate potential business leads. We’ve learnt first-hand the importance of this and it’ll be top of our list in 2015.

Live on the wild side

Gone are the days where there are just a handful of businesses breaking the mould and hosting off the wall branding events. We’re beginning to see an exciting adventurous streak across the events industry as a whole! Freshly Squeezed couldn’t be more on board with this rebellious ‘bad boy’ side to events, and in 2015 you can really let your hair down, so use that quirky venue or try that bizarre theme…your clients will thank you for it!

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