The buzz that came in the wake of the 2012 Olympics is still very prominent across the UK, excitement is beginning to rise in the build up to the 2014 World Cup and festival season is just around the corner. All of this got me thinking about which events would make up my ‘must attend’ list.

Instead of struggling to comprise a list that is universally agreed upon, (lets face it, events are far too subjective for that to work) I’ve put together a ‘bucket list’of iconic and significant events that are attended by thousands, and manage to capture the attention of millions.

So read, enjoy, and you’re given full permission to make us jealous by tweeting @FSqueezedEvents with #EventBucketListto let us know any of these you’ve been lucky enough to attend, or any that would make your list!

FIFA World Cup Final

The World Cup seems to have the ability to stir a national pride in even the most un-patriotic of us. So what is it that captivates the attention of billions worldwide? I think that comes down to two main things, tension – the struggle to progress through each nerve-wrecking stage of the competition and restricted ticket numbers pushes this event into the highest realms of desirable! In fact, I’m fairly confident my dad would sell me in exchange for a world cup final ticket.

And the second is accessibility, whether your national team has made it into the final or not, men, women and children worldwide will inevitably pick a team to support and tune in to enjoy 90 minutes of sporting history.

The Olympic Games

If I’d written this in 2011 the Olympic Games probably wouldn’t have been an event I was desperate to go to, which is why when it came to getting tickets for the 2012 Olympics in London I was slow off the mark (no pun intended). I couldn’t have regretted this more, I begrudgingly watched the opening ceremonies and was instantly hooked! I’m sure I’m not the only one who found themselves glued to the screen watching and cheering for sports I’d never even heard off. So now this seems like an obvious choice, it’s fantastic to be a part of such an inspiring event – in fact at one point I actually managed to convince myself that if I began training now ‘I could definitely be picked for Rio!’.


Year after year, this event tops the list for me. April rolls around and it seems like everyone in America packs there  bags and heads out to the desert for some festival fun in the sun. This event covers a lot of bases, it has bags of style brought about from the endless guest list of celebrities who’s outfit choices grace the pages of magazines and online fashion blogs for weeks. The line-up is always a mixed bag of the top performers covering a range of genres. What really makes this festival stand out is it’s fearless tactics to cause a buzz and shock factor. Who didn’t hear about the momentous performance which saw Tupac resurrected in a live holographic performance?

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Fringe offers something different to comparable performing arts events, as not only is it the world’s largest arts festival, it is also an unjuried festival; meaning any type of performer can participate. Whilst this has inevitably led to some controversy, this innovative concept has been copied around the globe, spanning as far as Adelaide and South Africa. The impact this event has had on the city is undeniable, not only economically but also as a contributor to local and national identity, really helping to put Scotland on the map! Well I’d expect nothing less from the world’s festival city.


So this is the only event on the list that I’ve actually attended (so far), and it’s safe to say that in those few days Austin, Texas stole my heart. South by Southwest was first held in 1987 with three main areas of focus, music, film and interactivity. This event has continued to grow and expand. It takes place for a few days in March each year over 100 venues, and all the streets in between, are buzzing with a shared culture and passion. Live music performances and film screenings aren’t the only thing SXSW is known for though, it has developed a reputation as a breeding ground for emerging technology – services like Twitter and Foursquare both burst onto the scene at SXSW. This event has been described as the largest, most influential and most anticipated and I can say from personal experience that it is one to check out!

International CES

If you don’t consider yourself much of a ‘techy’ you might be wondering why this event has made it onto my list, (and no it isn’t just because it’s held in Las Vegas each year – although that is a bonus). This event has been one of the most influential trade shows for technology over the past 40 years, attracting thousands of people all keen to hear about the next-generation of technology and how it will shape our future. Many products you’ll have used growing up, and still now, were first introduced here, the camcorder in 1981, the DVD in 1996 and they even predicted that we’d all soon be playing Xbox on our plasma screen TV’s at the 2001 show.

Cannes Film Festival

What springs to mind when you think of this event? Glamour? Movie stars? Yes, it seems that once a year the whole of Hollywood flocks to the South of France to join in the excitement of Festival de Cannes. The festival is known for its quality cinematography which is evident in its long-lasting success, having just turned 65. It’s this impressive longevity, the impact on the film industry worldwide, as well as the sophistication and gossip that has surround the festival that has gained it’s spot on this list.


The best way to describe Oktoberfest? A 16 day long party that the entire city of Munich is invited to. In fact, in 2013 about 6.4 million guests visited the world’s largest ‘annual fair’. Oktoberfest themed events have begun to trickle over to the UK with more and more people wanting to enjoy some of the best of German traditions year round. Chugging beer, dancing (or swaying, depending on how many beers you’ve had) to traditional music and eating delicious food. There’s no explanation needed for why this is a must!

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