There’s a definite chill in the air, a penguin called Monty has caused mass hysteria and some festive enthusiasts have got their tinsel and baubles up already. There’s no deny it, Christmas is creeping up on us at a rapid rate and our minds have began to wander to Christmas party outfits and how little we can get away with doing the day after; when recovery is imminent.

Some businesses have had their Christmas party’s planned since January last year, whilst for others it’s a last minute scramble to find a restaurant reservation or local bar, and others have spent the last few months trying to find something ‘unique’ or ‘out of ordinary’ to make this Christmas party one to remember.

And who can blame them with the proven morale boost they can bring to a company. I mean, nothing says ‘team building’ more than holding your bosses hair back when she’s had one too many mulled wines, or joining your CEO on stage to share a rendition of the Poguess.

But all joking aside, after a few years of cutting costs and stretching budgets the Christmas party has made its way back with a bang. So here they are, our favourite Christmas party ideas for 2014!

Set sail on a Christmas Cruise

This package is making waves in the Christmas party industry (get it), Fred. Olsen cruise lines have introduced their ‘Christmas party nights’ on board Black Watch at London Tilbury. Guests can enjoy a 4 course meal, live entertainment and the chance to stay over and dance the night away.

Show stopping flash mobs

This idea can literally spin your party entertainment on its head and get all your colleagues up and off their feet. Surprise your guests with a Christmas themed flash mob, this will provide a real wow factor and what’s even better is how scaleable this idea is to fit any venue.

Give back with festive cookery

We loved this idea! And think it would be particularly fun for small companies. Join one of many interactive cookery events and get hands on making one, two and three course Christmas dinners with all the trimmings. Head into the kitchen with an expert chef to guide and inspire you whilst enjoying some mulled wine, and then why not give back by sharing your banquet with local charities.

Eat, drink and … Skate?

Perhaps not for everybody, but year after year we see ‘pop up’ ice skating rinks appear. So why not take advantage of this fun and seasonal activity and lace up your skates and take to the ice. *safety warning* too much mulled wine can result in a dangerous Torvil-and-dean-style-beer-goggles.

It’s all in the theming

Winter wonderland, Frozen, Narnia, Venetian Masquerade, Ice and fire…the possibilities really are endless. And if in doubt, then go back to basics and get your colleague’s creative juices flowing and silly side on full display with an ugliest jumper dress code.

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