We’ve had a distinct lack of summer weather this year, even by England’s standards, and with last weekend marking the Summer Solstice and shorter days looming I decided to use this as my inspiration to recap on some of my favourite summer time events. Hopefully this will provide a bit of motivation for you (and me) to get involved in some ‘weather permitting’ events in 2015.


Of course, the summer months mean festival season is upon us. In fact, as you read this thousands of Kanye West fans (or not as the case may be) have began to make their way back from Somerset and the legendary Glastonbury Festival. Renowned as a celebration of midsummer, you would expect good weather, but as with any ‘summer festival’ you’d be advised to pack your wellies! If the bigger festivals don’t take your fancy, or are slightly out of your budget, there are smaller and more affordable street festivals that take place. If you live in Sheffield then you needn’t look any further than Tramlines Festival.

Playable Cities

There’s nothing new about cities using digital technology to enhance the lives of its inhabitants and improve how it functions. What is new however, is the rise we’re beginning to see in ‘playable cities’. Sounds fun right? The aim of this movement is to boost the sense of well being and encourage cohesive fun activities. The prospect of an environment ruled by smartphones was all a bit too much for the creatives amongst us to accept, so what did they do? They set up 300 ft water slides that run down the main city shopping streets and let loose flesh eating zombies in an apocalyptic game of hide and seek. If you like the sound of either of these, and live local to Sheffield, you can try both out by following at Slide City UK and WOSCON.

Employee Incentive Days

Let’s face it, everybody loves a day away from the office and if the weather’s on it’s best behaviour then the opportunity for an outdoor team building day can be a great way to give your team a boost of moral, not to mention Vitamin D. Gone are the days of cheesy ‘get to know you’ quizzes in stuffy offices, with sazzy business owners opting for more hands on and unusual options. Its amazing how a change of environment can help employees to relax and feel valued, it’s like you’re transported back to the fun and excitement that went alongside the school trip mentality – give us a shout for inspiration this summer 😉

Open Air Cinemas

If visiting the cinema makes you think of cold, winter nights, then think again! Thanks to a new craze, as the light nights roll in you can grab a deck chair, or jump in your car and watch the latest films, or a golden oldie on an outdoor cinema screen. The beauty of this outdoor event is that if it is a little bit chilly, or let’s face it, rainy…you can hop in your car, turn the heating up and the windscreen wipers on and go to one of the drive in cinemas. Sheffield hasn’t missed out on this craze, check out Movie Park Sheffield for latest showings.

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