Failure is something all entrepreneurs have in common. So why is it that most entrepreneurial meet ups put the focus firmly on success, opportunities and how wonderful the life of self-employment is. FuckUp Nights (FUN) are flipping this on it’s head and stories of failed businesses and projects are shared, questioned and celebrated. Not to mention great lessons can be learnt from other people’s mistakes!

FuckUp Nights are a confrontation to the other side of the coin, the side we don’t like.  It’s the ideal place to be honest with your audience and, more importantly, with yourself. Gustavo Alvarez, Regional Operations Manager at Mexico & Central America, Up

The first FuckUp Nights happened in Mexico City in 2012, since then it has been repeated in 200+ cities in 40+ countries, converting them into the World’s largest and most active innovators and entrepreneurial movement.

The Fuck Up Night is an open and direct talk about the challenges of entrepreneurship. Until now there was no place to share stories and learn from failures. I love the initiative, I find extremely useful and relevant. Natalia Wills, Deputy Director of Operations at Fundemex

In May this year, Freshly Squeezed will be bringing the FUN global movement to Manchester. The event format is very fast paced, with each speaker sharing their story in just under 7 minutes using 10 slides. Followed by a round of questions and a more relaxed networking session.

These events provide a much needed place for business owners to share their not so positive experiences. The lessons learnt and advice to be shared is truly invaluable so we didn’t think twice about launching our own FuckUp Nights. Laura Thomas, Managing Events Director at Freshly Squeezed

Want to attend Manchester FUN, or have a failure story you’d like to share? Visit fuckupnights.com/manchester/ for all the latest updates or drop us an email at manchester@fuckupnights.co.

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