FuckUp Nights Manchester Vol 1

18th of May 2017

6pm – 9pm

Twenty TwentyTwo, 20 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 1EZ


Celebrating Entrepreneurs Who Have Fucked Up And Survived!

Starting in Mexico City in 2012, FuckUp Nights is a global movement, where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated! This movement is all about applauding the risk takers and breaking down the stigma around failure… and on Thursday 18th of May we’ll be launching the first FuckUp Night in Manchester!

The Game Plan

3-4 speakers (from a variety of industries) will share their failure story in 7 minutes using a maximum of 10 slides. Then it’s over to you! Ask anything you’re curious about. Don’t hold back! You will also get a chance to scream and shout and show your appreciation for your favourite fuck up story; all accompanied by a tonne of networking and beer!

You bring yourself. We bring the cool vibes, drinks, music and kickass speakers.

The Speakers

Stephen Tucker, Founder & CEO at Bunting

Stephen Tucker Stephen Tucker is a daydreamer, engineer, and founder / CEO of Silicon Valley-financed web personalization platform, Bunting (https://getbunting.com), his most ambitious venture, which began in 2012 after he found he was the victim of click fraud. Stephen is a thought leader within the e-commerce optimization space, with over 10 years experience in the e-commerce industry, helping businesses of all sizes to better understand their website’s visitors and dramatically grow their sales.

Amman Ahmed, Founder at MusicForPets

Amman Ahmed Amman was the founder of Rormix, which is a platform for the discovery of indie music videos. VC and angel backed business that grew to 200,000 users however failed as he struggled to raise the next round. He had a side project, MusicForPets.co and been making relaxing music for cats and dogs since 2011 with his producer in El Salvador. After failing with Rormix, Amman decided to do his side project full time in 2016. RelaxMyDog and RelaxMyCat have grown to generate 8 million views and over 1 million fans. A profitable business that makes Music and now TV for pets as well as advice vlog.
Tim Langley, CEO & Founder at CANDDI

Tim Langley Tim is a serial entrepreneur and the primary technology brain behind the development of CANDDi, an innovative marketing platform that gives companies real insight into their online interactions. Tim combines technical know-how with the vision and drive to transform the ways in which businesses can measure, engage and transact with their audiences. Tim studied Maths at the University of Cambridge and was an awarded an MBA by Manchester Business School. A digital entrepreneur, Tim’s career has involved working with organisations such as Orange, DHL and TelSur. He has successfully established his own businesses and has been providing other start-ups with advice and assistance in obtaining funding.
Bruce Thomas, MD & Founder at Modern-English

Bruce Thomas Bruce is the MD and founder of Modern-English, a leading social technology / adtech agency based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. He has been developing award winning digital solutions for blue chip brands since 1993 and his first company, Subnet, was one of the very first ‘web design’ agencies in the UK. After leaving Subnet Bruce then co founded Magnetic North Interactive, Manchester. He was also Chair of the BBC Trust’s North West Audience Panel and member of Audience Council England from March 2011 to March 2014. Bruce was an original steering committee member founding ‘Manchester Digital’ along with several other Manchester business individuals including Tony Wilson & Andy Spinoza. Amongst the companies and brands that Bruce has worked with over the years are household names such Kelloggs, Coca-Cola, Disney, Fox Kids, Abbey National, EMI, England Cricket, Warner Music, Oxford University and Club 18-30 Holidays to name but a few! In 2015 Stevie Wonder team at Motown Records in Hollywood asked Bruce & team to develop Stevie’s first true website.


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