It’s been a long time coming but the doors are now open to Kelham Island’s new shipping container development and our new home, Krynkl. Located on the edge of Kelham Island means we’re on the edge of a massive transformation. It’s already being referred to as the ‘Shoreditch of Sheffield’ (we’re not so sure..), but with the Little Kelham housing development, Peddlers Market, Depot Bakery and Kelham Arcade it’s hard to deny that this creative hub is expanding and fast.

Built entirely of metal shipping containers the space has appealed to an eclectic mix of businesses. We’re now one of 14 businesses inhabiting the space, sandwiched between Jöro restaurant on the ground floor and INC rooftop bar. Amongst our other neighbours are a hairdresser, gym, art gallery and a menswear shop. These metal boxes are surprisingly versatile, making them ideal for almost any business type.

We’ve spent the past 2 years invading co-working spaces (thank you USE!), outstaying our welcome in most cafes across Sheffield and blurring the lines between work and home, so having one place for the team to work from has been a welcome change.

I was going to give you a play by play of the decorating process, but to be honest we’ve kept it very simple. We love the industrial feel and the woodchip walls, so we figured why fix something that isn’t broken? We’ve added a few tables, chairs and an obnoxiously yellow sofa (thank you Ikea), so all that’s left to do is find a home for the boxes of ‘event crap’ we’ve managed to accumulate over the years and we should be all set!

If you haven’t had a chance to call in yet, you really should, the building has most bases covered.

Some of our lovely neighbours include…

Jöro restaurant www.jororestaurant.co.uk

INC roof top bar www.i-n-c.co.uk

TRIB3 gym trib3.co.uk

Zig Zag Coffee www.facebook.com/ZigZagCoffee

Knots ‘n’ Niggles sports massage and physiotherapy clinic www.knots-n-niggles.co.uk

The Bunker Hair stylist www.bunkerhair.co.uk

Alexander Joshua fashion brand www.alexander-joshua.com

and we’re in during the week so pop in and say hi!

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