I’m currently sat writing this blog post from a hammock, on a beach, in Byron bay on the East coast of Australia… I’m not telling you this to make you all jealous (although you should be!), I just thought that this alone demonstrates the impact technology has had on the world’s business. It’s fast paced, ever-evolving and has made sure businesses can now operate 24 hours a day/7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

So how has technology impacted the events industry over the past few years? And how should we be responding to this going forward? Well, I began some research into this, and quickly came across an infographic that is far too good not to share! It was designed by Julius Solaris, the brains behind the Event Manager Blog (, based on some research he carried out in 2012. It clearly shows practices that are no longer relevant to the industry, and alternatives that can be used in their place – and even better, it provides a set of facts that may be useful if you have a particularly difficult boss you need to talk around.

Take a look here, and let us know the ways you have adapted to meet these changes, and any challenges you’ve faced via twitter at @FSqueezedEvents or via comment box below.

And most importantly, have a nice day!

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